Our ecologic commitment

Beekeeping to fight against deforestation

In Madagascar, the slash and burn agriculture and charcoal production are still widely practised, and the island suffers bushfires on a massive scale. Unfortunately, economic hardship and the lack of alternative income entail a considerable dependency on these activities.

We believe that we cannot promote a sustainable ecologic approach without a societal approach. By giving the inhabitants of a region a chance to increase their income, we address the cause of the problem with a traditional but effective model, really adapted to local communities. The forest becomes a sustainable resource, essential for the long-term.

We work in close partnership with (inter)national organisations, specialised or not in forest preservation such as Helvetas and Blue Ventures for the safeguarding of the Mangrove swamps in the region of Ambanja.

Beekeeping has a positive impact on nature. Bees pollination work improves fruit quality and orchard productivity. It fosters communities to develop a wholesome, risk-free agriculture whose impacts they can rapidly observe.

And lastly, we strive to optimize transport in order to minimize our ecological impact. As 80% of containers leave unladen from the main port of Tamatave, we tune our logistics in order to avoid additional transport and to limit our CO2 emission.

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