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Raffia gift set

This gift set is made of raffia, an emblematic material of Madagascar. Originating from a variety of big palm trees, it refers to both the tree and the fiber which is highly important in the everyday life of the Malagasy people. Raffia is therefore to be found both in the construction of some traditional houses and in the making of hats, handbags and carpets.

This gift set contains 3 rare honeys of Madagascar – the eucalyptus robusta, the lychee and the niaouli – and is delivered together with a katrafay wooden board which can be reutilized as a chopping block. You can also garnish this gift with a katrafay or a zebu horn spoon for an even more exotic tasting.

Discovery gift set

A steady gift set and best suited as a present. It contains 3 rare honeys of Madagascar :

  • The sparkling and indefinable intensity of the Niaouli honey, ideal for cooking.
  • The salted butter caramel flavours of the Eucalyptus robusta honey provide desserts or breakfasts with a stunning and refined touch.
  • The unrivalled floral potency of the Lychee honey makes it an indisputable honey.

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