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  • Hotels et restaurants
  • Fine food stores

Gifts sets

Distinguish yourself by offering an imaginative and upright gift. Your addressee will pleasantly be surprised by the honeys unrivalled flavours and be responsive to the fair trade dimension of your approach.

We are here mostly to accompany your wishes and we will tune in to submit a customized gift to you. All our gift sets are provided with an explanatory sheet which displays the specificities of our honeys, gives a presentation of our project together with our activities aiming at the development of Madagascar.

Tasting and sales workshops

Following the example of fine wines, our honeys disclose their flavours only when they are tasted. Make your teams contribute to an out-of-the-ordinary marketing campaign. Do taste our top-quality honeys and indulge in a trip in Madagascar right from your office, to explore one of the most preserved countries in the world !

Blind tasting, discovery of the sustainable beekeeping, the world of bees will no more be a secret to you!

Discover our gourmet honeys

Our top-quality honeys have already charmed many Michelin-starred chefs. Why not you ?

As a dessert, a soup, or to complement a fish or a chicken, walk off the beaten track by combining remarkable honeys with high quality products. The mixture will become even more confusing, making your clients take a trip as far as the furthermost unattainable regions of Madagascar.

Do taste, experience and adopt our Mangrove swamp, Niaouli, Lychee or even Eucalyptus honeys. Their distinct tastes will be sublimated by your creativity.

Feel free to contact us for a tasting !

Hotel trade

Would you like to make your clients travel right from breakfast time ? Have you ever tried to offer them a Mangrove or a Lychee honey? Their names and exotic flavours will charm their taste buds right from the first taste.

We provide numerous hotels of all categories with a large array of 30g individual small pots or in bulk . Our 7 varieties of honeys enable us to continuously provide you some with a variety of pleasures.

For further information feel free to write to us !

As most discerning connoisseurs of the best products available in the market, you are our first ambassadors !

We select our retailers with the greatest care and we leave them exclusiveness in their catchment areas. On account of their unique flavours, our honeys are appreciated by many starred chefs and more broadly by gourmets. So, let’s organise a tasting session! 9 out of the 10 invited persons are buyers.

Our aim is also to value the activities of delicatessen grocery stores. In doing so, we will showcase your delicatessen grocery store on our social networks.

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