Beekeeping in Madagascar

Our honey is unique. It is collected using traditional methods, within a secluded and fully preserved environment.

An accepted quality

We collect rare honeys in compliance with the criteria prescribed by the European Union.

For the purpose of obtaining these top-quality honeys and to preserve an irreproachable quality, our beekeepers are assisted in their everyday lives by our professional trainers’ network who regularly travel around the island. Thanks to their endeavour, we are in a position to supervise and improve production.

Our honeys are mainly harvested in 3 regions of Madagascar. These highly preserved areas benefit from a unique biodiversity in the world.

A controlled production

Honey extraction is the most delicate sequence which we perform in the strict compliance with the international standards. We number each honey bucket so as to ensure the tracability before taking them to our honey farm in Antananarivo where we process the honey with no heating or any additive whatsoever, ready for export!

Honeys are analysed by independent laboratories (Institut Pasteur and CARI). Analyses are available on request!

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