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Faced with the seven exotic flavors we offer, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. A steady gift set and best suited as a present. It contains 3 rare honeys of Madagascar

48,82€/kg, net weight: 3 x 170g = 510g

Suitable for:
salty kitchen, pastry, breakfast


salted butter caramel

Sensory power:

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  • The sparkling and indefinable intensity of the Niaouli honey, ideal for cooking.
  • The salted butter caramel flavors of the Eucalyptus robusta honey provide desserts or breakfasts with a stunning and refined touch.
  • The unrivaled floral potency of the Lychee honey makes it an indisputable honey.

These three honeys with unique flavors, very different from each other, will appeal to as many people as possible. These are often the first honeys selected by the great chefs because of their uniqueness!

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Weight 510 g

3 x 170g = 510g


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