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Amidst the luxuriant forests of Madagascar, one tree stands out : the Eucalyptus Robusta. Its resilience to bad weather combined with the rapidity of its sprouting makes it an inescapable element of the Malagasy flora. This tree with awesome characteristics contributes to the production of a unique honey which we are honoured to introduce to you.

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cuisine salée, pâtisserie, petit déjeuner
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Creamy by nature, the Eucalyptus honey unveils its composite flavors when melting in your mouth and lets its touches of salted butter caramel burst, mellowed by an overwhelming milky flavor.

Originating from the central regions of Analamanga and Amoron’i Mania, the Eucalyptus honey goes perfectly with desserts and make teas and infusions sublimate It is the favorite honey of pastry chefs!

Our Niaouli honey has gourmet aromas of salted butter caramel.

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