Lychee honey


Following a long journey from China through the road to India, the Lychee tree found in Madagascar a hospitable soil on which to grow. Badly hit by droughts, this imposing and melliferous tree is highly appreciated by bees which do not hesitate to make long-distance flights in order to pollinate its flowers.

Our Lychee honey is very floral. It has notes of rose and lychee.

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salty kitchen, pastry, breakfast



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Let yourself be amazed by its perfumed floral touches which recall the lychee fruit but also the softness of a rose. Lychee honey is impressive and lavish, very much like tree which grows in the region of Anosy.

Its exhilarating flavours make it an excellent companion to cooking, it can also be evidenced when it is tasted separately. It pairs just as well with goat cheese as it does with a slice of brioche, turning your breakfast into a fabulous tropical trip.

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