Ravintsara essential oil


Mixing honey with an essential oil has effective benefits. Our commitment to natural and ethical products has led us to propose you this Ravinstara essential oil, well known for its exceptional qualities and considered to be the star of aromatherapy.


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The plant is mostly used in Malagasy traditional medicine, prepared in herbal teas, by inhalation or by mixing 2 drops of essential oil with a spoon of honey.

Ravinstara means “good leaf” in Malagasy. It is a huge tree that can reach 15 meters in height. Its leaves are oval in shape, dark green and shiny. We have decided to work with Altho Lab, a specialized and dedicated company that has its own extraction unit in Madagascar. Its essential oil is extracted in the Ambatondrazaka region.

To learn more about the Ravinstara essential oil, visit Altho Lab website.

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