Who is who in the field ?

We collect ethic honey, with respect for the bees, the beekeepers and the seasons

Our beekeepers

Fanilo – 37 y.o. – Region of Diana

“I have just started up in modern beekeeping. I am proud of my first harvest of Mangrove swamp honey.

I realize that modern beehives represent more work but also more yield and thus more earnings. I mainly collect Mangrove swamp honey. I am assisted by a professional trainer from the Companie du Miel who comes to meet us at least once a week during the harvesting periods. During dormant periods, following honey collection, I handle the education of my 3 children.”

Throughout the year, our beekeepers look after their beehives, together with the guidance of our field trainers. In order to guarantee a better harvest, they undertake to abide by explicit terms and conditions and a pre-agreed planning.

A customized assistance

In order to supervise the beekeepers, a team is composed of field trainers like Gisou in Ambanja (see photo). They ensure that the beekeepers have the required competences and means to abide by our rigorous terms and conditions which may seem odd to peasants who have less access to information and little knowledge of the international prerequisites.

Gaël and Haingo work assiduously in disseminating our know-how when training the beekeepers for modern apiarian techniques. We are supported by international organisations which assist us in our project through the intervention of international experts.

We are also assisted by a European beekeepers community which regularly provides us with advice and with which we also share practices.

our project