Our team between
France and Madagascar

We are not there at random,each one of us feels like vested in an assignment

Fortunate encounters

The Compagnie du Miel is an adventure punctuated with fortunate encounters dealing with shared values and passions. Gaël Hankenne and Olivier Carbon have been living in Madagascar for many years when, in 2016, they met Haingo Rakotobe, a consultant in ecology. Thibaut Lugagne had just spent 4 years on the big island and fancied promoting Malagasy gastronomy all over the world.

Their passion for bees and the social and environmental potential constituted the common denominator and the trigger of the project.

A common view

Struck by the overall poverty of the country and being already highly committed to help, we made the decision to launch the Compagnie du Miel by the end of 2017 with the motto to place social and ecological calling central to the mission of the company. We are indeed convinced that a sustainable environmental development cannot exist if priority is not devoted to social development.

Africa enjoys the considerable advantage of being still preserved from mass industrialisation so that beekeeping can further develop itself free from the constraints experienced in Europe.

Gaël and Thibaut, the co-founders (respectively on the left and on the right on the picture) can be contacted at any time. Do not hesitate to contact them for any questions through the contact form. Gaël is based in Madagascar and is in charge of the production. Thibaut lives in Paris and develops the brand and the sales.

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